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News October 2016

Adult Tibetan Mastiffs Available for Adoption

We have some adults that are available to approved homes. More information here.



Welcome to SINA Tibetan Mastiffs! Founded by Dr. Andrew Wang, SINA Tibetan Mastiffs features directly imported top bloodlines of Tibetan Mastiffs from Tibet and the Qinghai plateau in China.

An ancient breed, Tibetan Mastiffs originated from Tibet and some other surrounding nomadic areas in China. Tibetan Mastiffs are also found in other Himalayan areas such as Bhutan, Nepal and Northern India. In general, Tibetan Mastiffs have a powerful physical structure and noble attitude.

Historically, Tibetan Mastiffs were primarily used to guard livestock and protect human beings and their properties in Tibet, especially in nomadic areas. Tibetan Mastiffs are very loyal, brave, confident, dedicated, and intelligent. They tend to be more reserved, emotionally, and have developed independent thinking after a thousand years of living in remote and isolated high-land areas with an extremely harsh climate.

Tibetan Mastiffs are called “Zang Ao” in mandarin Chinese meaning “Tibetan giant dogs”. Tibetan Mastiffs are treated with respect and dignity in Tibet and they are sacred to people. Tibetan Mastiffs are considered “incarnations” of people, including lamas. In addition, they are often associated with gods or goddesses in Tibetan traditional culture or religion, e.g., Tibetan Mastiffs are respected as companions to Mahakala, an indigenous deity in traditional Buddhist religion.

For many years, most of the bloodlines of Tibetan Mastiffs that resided in the west were originally imported from Nepal and other surrounding countries bordering Tibet. Since 2003, in order to introduce new bloodlines to the existing Tibetan Mastiff gene pool in the west, SINA Tibetan Mastiffs gradually brought several different top Tibetan Mastiff bloodlines directly from various locations in Tibet and the Tibetan Qinhai plateau area to the US.

In general, Tibetan Mastiffs are still rare outside the places of their origin although public awareness of the breed in the rest of the world is increasing. Tibetan Mastiffs can adopt to a modern living environment and be a good family companion if they are properly socialized, trained and managed. However, Tibetan Mastiffs are not for everyone. Understanding the history and the development of Tibetan Mastiffs is essential to better understanding the physical and temperamental characteristics of this breed.

At SINA Tibetan Mastiffs, we will continue our efforts in preserving and developing this ancient magnificent breed and educating the public and to broaden their understanding of the specific characteristics and needs of Tibetan Mastiffs, including the challenges of integrating them into a modern living society.










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